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Mobile Services & Rates

Integrated Bodywork : Stretch Therapy Sessions : Integrated Wellness Sessions

60 minutes: $125
90 minutes: $165
120 minutes: $220

*Scheduling directly with the therapist for out-call only; base price is for 0-10 miles from downtown office. Add $20 for each additional 10 miles, i.e. 60 min. 0-10 miles $125, 11-20 miles $145, 21-30 miles $165, 31-40 miles $175. Please call for availability and a quote: 828-338-8377.  Thank you. 


Orthopedic massage & bodywork therapy utilize integrated modalities and techniques to provide a customized session which best fits the individual and their specific wellness goals. See the "Modalities" section of this page for a complete list of available modalities and techniques. Though often integrated as needed, any modality can be requested as a complete theme for a massage session. Ask your practitioner prior to your session. 

Stretch Therapy Sessions provide integrated stretching and muscle release techniques to help restore muscle balance, improve passive/active ROM and reduce tension on joints. These sessions are done with client fully clothed thus it is optimal to wear loose, comfortable clothes to provide ease in movement. No lotions or oils are needed. Perfect for restoring muscle balance, feeling loosened up while on the go. These sessions may include active stretching (daoyin) and qigong postures guided by the practitioner/coach. 

Integrated Wellness Sessions maximize the benefits of your experience with a holistic approach including integrated modalities (per practitioner’s recommendation/design). These may include intake/coaching, guided meditation, qigong/yoga, specific bodywork/acupressure and stretching (passive/active). Please ask for details.

* Prices are subject to change. 

Add-Ons: Upgrade any service for $10

 Choose from cupping therapy to muscle soothing oils or lineaments.

Cupping Add-On Treatment:  An ancient, adjunct or stand-alone treatment used in Chinese medicine. This modality is good for breaking up “stagnation of Qi and blood” in both the superficial and deeper tissues including the muscles, fascia and skin or dermal layer. Cupping helps to release toxins trapped in the tissues by breaking up bound and adhered fibers and increasing circulation to the surrounding tissues. Ask your practitioner about the benefits and any possible contraindications.

Sports Cremes, Tiger Balms, Herbal Lineaments or Oils:  Used in traditional circles of the martial arts, known as  “ditda” or hit medicine, these external applications are commonly used to treat injuries. These are good to treat acute or chronic conditions, or commonly used to assist soft-tissue recovery from workouts. 


Orthopedic Massage 

Myofacial Release

Deep Tissue Massage  

Sports Massage 

Acupressure Therapy

Oriental Bodywork (Tui Na)

Thai Massage & Stretching


Swedish Massage 

Trigger point Release

Crainiosacral Therapy

Taiji Quan, Qigong/Daoyin, Meditation and Internal Alchemy Classes

Available for workshops, series classes or private instruction only.
For more information on availability, contact David Mitchell @ 828-338-8377 or email: DavidMitchellWellness@gmail.com

Personal Instruction & Coaching

60 minutes: $85

Instruction and coaching is available in the art and science of Wing Chun gongfu and the cultivation arts of Taiji, Qigong and Neigong practices. These ancient Chinese arts of cultivation and conditioning include the following:

Nei Gong is a term referencing the internal aspects of Qigong and Taiji. These are the ancient meditation practices used to regulate the flow of Qi and promote longevity and greater vitality of the body and mind.

Through Qigong, David provides instruction and postural assessment as he guides students through the subtle use of breathing techniques, gentle movement therapies, and developing specific intentions to help improve circulation, increase mobility, strengthen muscles, improve posture, and become proactive in their overall good health and wellness.

Daoyin is an older term for qigong and the two can be used interchangeably, however sometimes the term “Daoyin” is used to describe some of the more physical practices of qigong with focus on stretching tendons and ligaments, strengthening and conditioning ones structure and clearing blockages along the meridians or channels. 

Taiji is a concept of application and Taiji Chuan is the actual form. Used for both martial arts and energy balancing, Taiji Chuan is like a moving qigong which provides lasting benefits for all ages and skill levels.

Workshops / Series Classes